Data as a Service (DaaS)

REaD Group's Data as a Service is a new delivery model providing real-time access to our market leading data

Data as a Service (DaaS) – delivering optimised data quality, on demand

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a new real-time delivery model that provides access to REaD Group’s market leading data cleaning solutions, on demand.

Providing optimal data quality and ehancement to maximise the value of your customer data asset.

DaaS also helps businesses to comply with GDPR data quality obligations. It will clean your data in real time with access to maket leading suppression services GAS, GAS Reactive and TBR plus best of rest, including Royal Mail, Mortascreen, Experian, acxiom and BT OSIS.

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Why use DaaS delivery?

  • Provides real-time access to the UK’s most comprehensive and accurate data quality solution
  • Enables changes to REaD’s data solutions to be instantly updated and reconciled in your data
  • Removes the burden on internal resource to manage large files and process high volumes of reference data
  • Delivers all the benefits of optimal data quality through a streamlined and secure delivery mechanism
  • Meets the data quality requirements of GDPR Article 5.1d
  • Optimised data quality means better targeted campaigns, reduce the risk of reputation damage, reduce risk of fines
  • Three different models to suit specific client needs

How does REaD Group’s DaaS work?

REaD Group’s DaaS provides a seamless mechanism for ensuring that the right data is available as and when you need it.

Using a direct link through an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows authenticated, real-time access to REaD Group’s market leading data solution.

Encrypted customer data is then matched and enhanced information returned.

Simple, seamless and safe.

Talk to our team about REaD Group’s Data as a Service today.

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The new real-time delivery model for REaD Group’s market leading data services.
Delivering optimised data quality on demand


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