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GAS Reactive

GAS Reactive provides verified forwarding addresses and new occupier details to a goneaway record identified in our market-leading GAS file.

We all know the cost of acquiring customers is far greater than retaining them – even modest estimates are that it costs five times more to acquire than to retain a customer. Don’t wait for customers to inform you that they have moved – GAS Reactive will allow you to keep your data current and ensure continuity of contact and relevancy of communications.

GAS Reactive is updated and validated monthly using multiple trusted sources – including local authority data, two credit reference agencies, mover and transactional data, electoral roll and our own, bespoke database – providing the most up-to-date view of goneaways and movers available for UK consumers.

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Not only does this prevent you from having to remove them from your database, reducing the cost of acquisition marketing, but you are also reducing the cost and risk of brand damage by not sending out incorrectly addressed marketing.

Using REaD Group’s market leading and trusted data cleaning products will help you to comply with GDPR and maximise retention:

· GAS Reactive provides verified forwarding addresses and new occupier details to a gone-away record identified in our market leading GAS file

· Be confident your customer data is clean and accurate

· Retain and reactivate customers who have moved

· Optimise relationships with timely and informed direct marketing

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