GDPR Compliance Services

We help brands ensure their practices comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our unrivalled data services take the stress out of achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance.

The Importance of GDPR compliance

Adhering to GDPR is no longer simply best practice, but a legal requirement. Recent changes in EU law mean that failure to comply with the data protection regulations can result in criminal charges. Additionally, this can lead to a complete loss of trust and damaged reputation. When you utilise our GDPR data compliance services, you can be certain that your marketing communications are above board. This can help you: Drive confidence in your brand. Build trust with your target audience. Create meaningful connections. Avoid data breach penalties. Customers want to feel in control of their data; how it’s accessed, who by, and when. With our unrivalled GDPR compliance services, you can give your customers the assurance they need to choose you. Explore our GDPR compliance services - we offer a range of solutions that can assist you on your journey to GDPR compliance. These include the following.

GDPR gap analysis

As part of our GDPR services, we will run an analysis on your current level of compliance.

The report will highlight any weaknesses, as well as identify areas of non-compliance. You can use this report to level up your level up of compliance in the areas that need it. 

Additionally, in the event the report doesn’t highlight any areas of non-compliance, you can use it to reassure your business that your data is GDPR compliant.

GDPR audit

A GDPR audit will determine whether you have taken the necessary steps to regulate and monitor how personal data is being processed.

Our audits will help you regularly assess your compliance frameworks, to ensure that your business remains GDPR-compliant.

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GDPR application

This aspect of our GDPR service will provide you with the necessary tools to implement the correct policies, processes, and documentation in order to achieve, and maintain GDPR compliance. 

GDPR implementation is generally undertaken after the reports and audit, and our recommendations are completely tailored to your business needs. 

This helps you maintain GDPR compliance, with the right tools and recommendations to ensure your data is handled correctly.

Giving brands the right to be personal

At REaD, we arm brands with the tools and services they need to be personable with their customers. We only ever provide you with permissioned customer data has been given with consent.

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