Data quality

Maximise the quality and performance of your data


REaD Group's online service gives users access to an even faster and more cost-effective way of keeping campaign data accurate and up-to-date.

The no hassle way to keep your marketing database in tip top condition

REaD Group’s online data service lets you select and apply all available UK suppression files to your data. You can submit your data for a free and unlimited audit which provides:

• A detailed report on the number of records that need to be suppressed, enhanced or relocated

• The costs involved in updating, flagging, appending or removing these records

• The potential savings of the required actions

• As our data audits are free, you only pay if you choose to download a completed job with all the suppressions removed, or if you have requested your data file to be returned with any matched records flagged so that you can apply the updates yourself

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Download our handy Online user guide, perfect for a speedy one off pre-campaign data cleanse, no matter what the size, in just three easy steps

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TBR Daily

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TBR Daily


Keeping your data clean and accurate has never been more important. Our market leading data cleaning suite is designed to optimise the accuracy of your data and the performance of…

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The Bereavement Register – trusted deceased screening from REaD Group

  The best choice for deceased suppression,  The Bereavement Register is the most efficient way to remove anyone who has passed away from your marketing databases. Since its creation by…

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