Customer data is degrading faster than ever and using traditional data cleansing batch processes doesn’t enable organisations to harness the true value of data. REaDConnect provides seamless integration with UK’s leading data cleansing products so you can continually maintain highest possible levels of customer data quality.

Dynamic customer data quality & data cleansing

  • Improve regulatory compliance such as GDPR article 5
  • Reduce your exposure to financial penalties
  • Increase reporting accuracy and make confident business decisions
  • Reduce data processing timelines and costs
  • Use less infrastructure and increase resilience
  • Removal or reduce manual process and associated resource utilisation

REaDConnect is the next-generation in data quality solutions, providing you with an easy to implement, advanced solution to maximise the quality of your customer data asset.

  • Plug & Play integration (API/SFTP)
  • Powers continuous updates to your customer data
  • Provides access to the UK’s leading data cleansing
  • Comprehensive coverage of deceased individuals, goneaways and relocatable movers
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