Simple and practical steps to get you ready for GDPR

Whether you like it or not, May 25 2018 will render much of what has gone before, in data terms, obsolete. The EU GDPR is designed to give consumers more control over how their data is used. REaD Group has been preparing for these changes for many years and can help you get GDPR ready

Giving you the certainty you need to continue using data

Among all the hyperbole surrounding GDPR there is one thing that is clear…. that nothing is clear!

So we thought we had better help with that.  We got some of the best legal minds in the UK to devise a set of solutions that in their view are, what we call, ‘GDPR ready’.  Every step we have taken has been agreed by these lawyers to reflect their interpretation of the regulation.

So when you see the GDPR Ready stamp on any of our products you can be sure that you are using a product that has been through a thorough legal scrutiny.

Lets get counting