Targeted and effective performance marketing will transform your acquisition strategy

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Performance Marketing

How Does it Work?

We offer a co-registration model for lead generation via our proprietary owned lead generation websites which are either prize or product testing led (ROP and Test It Keep It). Based on a clients desired audience we match that profile using a series of qualifying questions.

REaD Group’s experienced traffic team drive consumers that meet the required profile to our proprietary owned lead generation websites using highly targeted campaigns.

Once registered, they have the opportunity to give first party consent to brands. Leads are sent via live feed to maximise conversion for clients.

To ensure compliance with latest legislation, including GDPR, REaD Group collects both first and third party consent.

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REaD Group partner network

Using the REaD Group partner network, a larger quantity of leads can be delivered via multiple websites. This ensures an even spread of leads from a wide range of demographics.

REaD Group operates transparently allowing our clients to proactively increase or decrease volumes by supplier as well as the traffic team optimising internally.

All websites in the partner network are chosen and approved by REaD Group’s traffic and compliance teams – with full dialogue and client approval.

Traffic is driven by email, social media, display, SEO and PPC.

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Performance acquisition through email

Utilising Active, REaD Group’s data universe, and the Performance Marketing network, the Performance Marketing Team can provide transparent acquisition through email.

Our creative team can provide email creative and landing pages with the approval of the client in order to create new and engaging relationships with consumers.

Relevant consents can be provided if required in accordance with the new GDPR regulation.

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