Data is at the heart of everything we do

The right data means better marketing decisions and increased ROI. Using the most comprehensive view of consumers available in the UK we can help you find and get to know the right people. At REaD Group we can deliver a breadth of understanding that will allow you to get closer to the right people.

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Find  more of the right people with REaD Group’s comprehensive, permissioned  and responsive marketing consumer database.

With over 42 million records and hundreds of selectable variables to create targeted and timely campaigns,  Active is the most comprehensive view of active online and offline UK consumers.

It combines transactional history, lifestyle choices, behavioural insights and geo-demographics to help target your campaigns at every level.

We call it “Active” because we validate if the consumer has recently financially transacted at that address.

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Prospectus for Insurance

Prospectus for Insurance is a market leading data solution tailored specifically for the insurance sector.  Proven to deliver unrivalled data and insight to maximise customer acquisition and retention.

  • Optimise customer acquisition by targeting prospects based on products and renewal dates
  • Increase market share by acquiring and retaining more of the right customers


Prospectus for Insurance
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Prospectus for Charity

It has never been more important for charities to ensure their marketing is timely, relevant and permissioned. Prospectus for Charity is designed to help charities optimise donor acquisition and retention.

Prospectus for Charity

Consumer Vulnerability Score Model

Vulnerability is a factor that influences how consumers should be communicated with – and has never been more important! The score has been created using a combination of factors, including:…

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REaD Group has teamed up with More Metrics, a specialist modeling and analytics developer to create Geometrics, a unique suite of highly predictive models and associated data sets.

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Acxiom InfoBase provides a consistent source of highly responsive marketable individuals targetable through known lifestyles, demographics and purchase behaviours. REaD Group has a strategic partnership with Acxiom and we are…

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