We believe that the more you know about an individual, the better your marketing will be

The right data means better marketing decisions and increased ROI. Using the most comprehensive view of consumers available in the UK we can help you find and get to know the right people. At REaD Group we can deliver a breadth of understanding that will allow you to get closer to the right people.

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Find  more of the right people with REaD Group’s comprehensive, permissioned  and responsive consumer marketing database.

With over 50 million records and over 900 selectable variables to create targeted and timely campaigns,  holds the most comprehensive view of active online and offline UK consumers.

Combining  hundreds of lifestyle variables covering interests, hobbies,  behavioural insights and geo-demographics to help target your campaigns at every level.

The file is very strictly validated for permission and recency.

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Covid-19 Risk Model

To support data driven decisions and responsible marketing REaD Group and data partner, More Metrics, have  developed a Covid-19 risk model to enable:

  • Screening to de-select vulnerable consumers from campaigns
  • Attaching codes to inbound contact data to understand the consumer you are talking to.
  • Adding the data to models to ensure these factors are considered when selecting consumers for campaigns .
  • Identification of locations that are at high risk – in terms of risk and geo-demographic profile across the UK as a whole – but have not yet seen an increase in cases.
  • Be positively reactive and plan pre-emptive communications and logistics in at-risk locations.
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REaD Group (REaD) can offer “Moment in Time” (MinT) data which can be applied to track the various stages of the home move process – both for sale and rental moves. Captured from estate agents and solicitors, the data starts at address level only (i.e. non-personal) and is fully GDPR compliant.

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REaD Smart Link

Using the most comprehensive consumer data universe in the UK, REaD have launched REaD Smart Link – a powerful data linking tool that contains all the channel variables we hold on an individual level that can be used to link data from one source to another, verify contactability across one individual or household and help validate identity.

  • Link – the ability to reliably link individuals across multiple databases or contact channels
  • Verify – identify the same person, or household, from multiple sources of information
  • Validate – have confidence an individual is who they say they are
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Prospectus for Insurance

Prospectus for Insurance is a market leading data solution tailored specifically for the insurance sector.  Proven to deliver unrivalled data and insight to maximise customer acquisition and retention.

  • Optimise customer acquisition by targeting prospects based on products and renewal dates
  • Increase market share by acquiring and retaining more of the right customers
Prospectus for Insurance
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Prospectus for Charity

It has never been more important for charities to ensure their marketing is timely, relevant and permissioned. Prospectus for Charity is designed to help charities optimise donor acquisition and retention.

Prospectus for Charity

Consumer Vulnerability Score Model

Vulnerability is a factor that influences how consumers should be communicated with – and now it has never been more important for brands in all sectors! The score has been…

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Acxiom InfoBase provides a consistent source of highly responsive marketable individuals targetable through known lifestyles, demographics and purchase behaviours. REaD Group has a strategic partnership with Acxiom and we are…

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