Consumer Vulnerability Score Model

Vulnerability is a factor that influences how consumers should be communicated with and affects multiple sectors, including utilities, charities, gambling and finance to name but a few. There is increased pressure to demonstrate that brands are treating vulnerable consumers with due care and attention. However, for most brands the only way to do this is by asking the consumer to self-declare.

To help with this, REaD Group  have created a Consumer Vulnerability score. The score has been created using a combination of factors, including:

  • Age, income, housing, education
  • Transient states of the consumer such as health
  • Market forces acting on the consumer
  • Levels of susceptibility to these forces

This scale does not give an absolute measure of vulnerability of the consumer in every interaction but rather indicates the risk that the consumer may be vulnerable in a given interaction.

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The score is built at Postcode level and can be applied to any customer or prospect that you know the postcode for.
REaD Group can also append our extensive consumer database to apply the score at individual level and provide a more in-depth picture. This insight can help you to identify individuals who are more likely to be vulnerable consumers at an early stage and tailor your marketing communications appropriately.

Using the Consumer Vulnerability score will allow companies to identify areas that have a higher instance of vulnerable consumers and allow them to adapt their practices and policies where they need to.


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