Home Mover Data

Identify customers and prospect in the moving cycle – Tracking the stages of moving home has been proven as a trigger for successful campaigns and activation marketing

Why use Home Mover data?

11% of UK households will be moving home over the next 12 months, each spending over £5,000 on products and services during the moving cycle. REaD Group can help ensure that this money is spent with your brand!

REaD Group can offer “Home Mover” data which can be applied to track the various stages of the home move process – both for sale and rental moves. Captured from estate agents and solicitors, the data starts at address level only (i.e. non/personal) and is fully GDPR compliant.

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The benefits of using Home + Pet Mover data for acquisition and retention

If the timing, messaging and permissioning is right, Home Mover data can  be an invaluable  asset for your brand.

  • Identify prospects and target them to “consider your brand when they move”
  • The data can be used to support cross-selling to existing customers who are moving, but equally to prospects who are moving
  • Apply the confirmed move date data to target people or households on the 12, 24 and 36 month anniversary of their move
  • Reactivate lapsed/previous customers
  • Increase spend and LTV through repeat purchase
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Identify home movers with a high propensity to switch providers with our Switcher Model

Our data provides granular details at household and individual level to support acquisition and retention:

  • Propensity to switch
  • Loyalty indicators
  • Energy usage – gas and electricity
  • Household variables including house type and number of bedrooms
  • Household composition including presence of children
  • Demographics & lifestyle variables
  • Affluence markers
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Get Home + Pre Mover data through REaD Prospect

Holding over 50 million records across multiple channels, REaD Prospect can assist with:

  • Retention – Identify customers in the move cycle
  • Acquisition Anniversary – Target homes on the anniversary of their move
  • Cross Sell – Support cross selling to movers
  • Acquisition Pre-Mover – Acquire new customers and properties

The most responsive and permissioned marketing data base in the UK for postal addresses, landlines, mobile and email.

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