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The right data to engage, acquire and retain the best customers


The most comprehensive view of active online and offline marketable UK consumers containing over 50 million individuals.

REaD hold the most comprehensive marketing database in the UK. With a view of active online and offline consumers containing over 50 million individuals. All records have passed our rigorous due diligence process.

Bursting with selectable variables, Active combines transactional history, lifestyle choices, hobbies and interests behavioural insights and geo-demographics to help target your campaigns at every level. The file itself is compiled from multiple trusted sources and lists. A blend of credible lifestyle surveys, financial transactions, open source models, social media and REaD Group sourced data.

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  • Unrivalled in being the only data universe offering prospect and customer enhancement data, validated and proven to be recently transacting
  • GDPR ready means that ALL Active records are flagged on
    contactability by channel  for most recent privacy policy, consent statement and most recent engagement date
  • The data allows more informed decisions to enhance personalised marketing campaigns and increase ROI
  • Proven to drive customer acquisition and engagement with existing and lapsed customers.
  • All records are validated using our strict data compliance and  GDPR due diligence audits
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Covid-19 Risk Model

To support data driven decisions and responsible marketing REaD Group and data partner, More Metrics, have  developed a Covid-19 risk model to enable: Screening to de-select vulnerable consumers from campaigns…

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REaD Group (REaD) can offer “Moment in Time” (MinT) data which can be applied to track the various stages of the home move process – both for sale and rental…

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Consumer Vulnerability Score Model

Vulnerability is a factor that influences how consumers should be communicated with – and now it has never been more important for brands in all sectors! The score has been…

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