REaD Enhance

Unrivalled Data Enrichment

REaD Enhance is the most accurate, in-depth and insightful view of the consumer population in the UK. Built using REaD Group’s data asset repository, which holds multiple, trusted sources of consumer data representing virtually every marketable individual. Covering everything from:

  • Who consumers live with
  • What consumers earn
  • What consumers spend
  • How consumers transact
  • And consumer hobbies

With over 900 variables including comprehensive demographics, household characteristics, behavioural and attitudinal attributes.

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How can you use REaDEnhance?

Ensure your communication and marketing is more personalised, relevant and timely – driving engagement and optimising ROI and LTV!

  • Enrichment
  • Customer insight
  • Profiling
  • Content management
  • Persona development
  • Market sizing
  • Selection

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