Consentric Permissions

In partnership with MyLife Digital

Under GDPR businesses have new obligations for permission tracking and auditing.

Consentric is a cloud based solution that meets these legal requirements.  With an API interface that integrates with existing data systems and customer touch points (CRM, website etc) within your organisation, the system provides a single place to efficiently, compliantly and transparently record and track all permissions.

Consentric captures, stores and updates an individual’s data consents across your organisations and systems, based on a unique ‘5W’ framework: what (data), who (has access) and why (the purpose), when  and where (collected).

Effectively manage all six lawful bases for data processing by channel and by business function (Marketing, Sales, HR etc).

Consentric also supports GDPR compliance by ensuring individuals know what personal data is held and why.

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Consentric is a powerful and highly effective way of providing a comprehensive and compliant record of processing activity – delivering transparency, accountability and trust.

  • Delivers simple, transparent permission management in a single place
  • Meets permission tracking and audit requirements under GDPR
  • Enhances trust in consumers through transparency
  • Enables you to make more informed decisions
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