Time to take control of your data

We support brands at every stage of the customer journey ensuring optimum data quality and accuracy, in-depth customer insight and targeted multi-channel communications via our bespoke customer engagement solutions.


Optimise your data with ease!

Combining the most accurate and comprehensive data available in the UK with the best technology, REaDOnline is the definitive self-serve online data management platform in the UK.

  • Validate
  • Clean
  • Update
  • Enhance
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Single Customer View (SCV)

A game changer in the quest for customer centric marketing, a Single Customer View (SCV) describes the aggregation of multiple data sets within an organisation into one database to provide a single unified view of each customer.

Combining data from multiple sources and channels across your business – from product and purchase history, call centre and customer service logs, to online and social activity, a Single Customer View provides a complete picture of your customers and their interaction with your business. A well-executed SCV can both enhance marketing ROI and improve operational cohesion and efficiencies.

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Data is an essential and highly valuable asset in all businesses.

The unprecedented volume and variety of data available now, together with rapidly evolving technology and human creativity provides unlimited opportunities and possibilities.  To take full advantage of these opportunities means respecting your data, ensuring that you are keeping it clean and accurate and enriching it.

REaDConnect delivers seamless connectivity to the UK’s most comprehensive and authoritative data assets. REaD’s always-on technology maintains data accuracy and helps you target the right customers to ensure better decisions at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

And with the launch of the REaDConnect portal, we can deliver the powerful solutions in REaDConnect in a user-friendly, secure platform.  Start your trial today!

  • Easily manage data cleansing in a few simple steps
  • Dashboard and real-time reporting ensures you are in control
  • Immediate access to your metrics

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Media Planning Services

Our planning services philosophy is simple. To work with our clients in a consultative and engaging manner, harnessing the value of consumer insight to deliver highly-targeted acquisition and retention communications for our clients across a range of complementary media.

Encompassing a fully consultative approach to communication frequency, creative, format and media testing, we cover a vast range of multi media channels:

  • Direct Mail
  • Partially addressed mail
  • Email
  • Door drops
  • Inserts
  • Social
  • Digital
Planning Services

Direct Mail

Direct Mail and Campaign Planning with REaD Group:

We believe that the combination of our data and insight supported by our campaign planning expertise, makes REaD Group the ideal partner for your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Unrivalled Data – UK prospect pool has scale and depth and is tailored, dynamic and insightful
  • Data Planning Expertise – experienced, responsive and innovative
  • Data Quality – market leading data, management built in
  • Unbelievable results


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