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Using the right data to engage, acquire and retain the best customers using direct mail

Direct Mail

The right partner for your direct marketing campaigns

Why use REaD Group for Direct Marketing?

We believe that the combination of our data and insight,  supported by our campaign planning expertise, makes REaD Group the ideal partner for your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Unrivalled Data – UK prospect pool has scale and depth and is tailored, dynamic and insightfully
  • Campaign Planning Expertise – experienced, responsive and innovative
  • Data Quality – market leading data, management built-in
  • Unbelievable results
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The results!

We are delighted to be helping our clients to achieve amazing results. Check out some metrics to make you go wow below!

Not-for-profit sector campaign results: Cold DM, using REaD Group data and campaign planning

• 237.5% of response rate target!

• 209% of donation target!

• 336% of ROI target!

Outdoor clothing retailer using REaD Group data and insight achieved 86% uplift in sales, compared to the same campaign in the previous year!

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Consumers crave personal interaction and tangible communication, and, when executed thoughtfully, responsibly and compliantly, direct mail can deliver compelling results. Since we first descended in to lockdown earlier this year, 40% of people either agree or strongly agree that Direct Mail has become an important part of this new routine.

REaD Group’s recent work with an outdoor clothing and equipment retailer provides an example of how direct mail can and continues to be a high-performing and effective channel for retailers. 



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