Scott has been a stalwart of the Direct Marketing industry for the last two decades, as well as being Chair of the Direct Marketing Association for 4 years. He has been at REaD Group now for just over 7 years but that is a drop in the ocean compared to the 25 years plus in the data industry with CACI, setting up Marketing Databasics, Bank of Scotland and then running Occam for a number of years.

The role of the Customer Engagement Director is to ensure that, at REaD Group, we understand the key changes in the markets we operate in, how these changes affect our clients, their short and medium term requirements and to design solutions and products to meet these needs.  To do this requires a lot of networking, engaging with partners and suppliers as well as spending as much time as possible with the end clients themselves.

What inspires Scott most at the moment is how data geeks are taking over the world.  ”With more and more data being created, the need for people who can make sense of it has never been greater.  We might even be considered fashionable at last!”